Loving the Blinkey’s Restaurant


There are a lot of amazing restaurants in Arizona and Phoenix that many people love. Sometimes, whenever I travel to visit different places, I often search or look up on the internet first which restaurant I could go to. I am very meticulous with the services of restaurants and sometimes, I check their menu beforehand just to know what can be interesting in that place.  

Visiting Arizona is something I often do especially since my parents already live there. Now that I am contemplating if I need to sell my house today, I am considering moving into a place near theirs. I am looking into finding a stable job in Arizona so I can be accessible to my parents just in case there will be emergencies. I really love that place anyway since they have many things to offer which include great restaurants serving sumptuous dishes. I remember traveling in that place last year and discovering a lot of old and new restaurants I haven’t seen before. Some of them I found accidentally while there are others which I conducted a research on using the internet. After I found out about these awesome places and tasted what they have to offer, I just became more in love with Arizona.  

One restaurant that really caught my attention was the Blinkey’s Restaurant. This is a really good place that everyone will surely love. My first visit there was not planned. A friend of mine just happened to pass by my parents’ house, saw me, and dragged me there to catch up. She said that she’s a regular customer of Blinkey’s Restaurant and she loved this place for a very long time. My friend also told me a lot about this place so, after my short perusal to their website, I finally decided to just go along with her. The reviews were really outstanding anyway and everyone was fussing about the food. True enough, the reviews were on-point when they claimed that the food being served at this restaurant is to die for. I tried many dishes and I was really impressed. The service they provide is even commendable, and the people working there are very warm towards the customers. I am fond of restaurants that welcome their customers warmly. As such, this restaurant immediately became a favorite. 

During my first visit, I wasn’t able to taste everything they have on the menu. Every dish comes in portions that are more than the average so sharing is possible. This makes it worth your every penny. In fact, we even had to take home some leftovers because there was a lot. I really loved the foods that are why I kept coming back to Blinkey’s everytime I am around. 

Now that I will move out to Arizona, I am glad I will get to visit this restaurant as often as I want. This is highly recommended so whether you are a traveler or a local who doesn’t know about Blinkey’s Restaurant, I suggest you visit their place as soon as possible. You won’t regret coming to one of Arizona’s best dining places.