About Us

Chef Binkley has been cooking for as long as he remembers. The exact time he started cannot be determined, but his memories consist of always attempting to get one recipe right. At an early age, he already knows that his passion is cooking. While some people outgrow their initial plans in life, he didn’t. Instead, his parents supported him in his dream at a young age.

He was always joining children’s cooking classes. He didn’t limit himself to conventional cooking, but strived harder to make his very own recipes. His loved ones fondly remember him as a jolly little kid who transforms food to a whole new level of goodness by adding his own ingredients to traditional recipes. What more is that his ingenuity is not only present in his cooking, but baking skills as well.

Bringing with him so much pride with his talent, he managed to come out a champion in many cooking competitions. He became a champion for 5 consecutive years at Master Chef International from 2005-2010, among others, and he never fails to amaze people of his talent and creativity. This led to him starting his restaurant chain in 2008.

One thing that distinguishes his restaurants from others is his insistence in using only the freshest locally produced ingredients. He doesn’t import unless necessary, and chooses only the best people to man his restaurants. He believes in quality above all, as what could be witnessed in every food being served in his restaurants. From the smallest ingredients, to spices, even to his new venture which consists of several handcrafted beers, every supplier is handpicked by him.

He is very hands-on on in his restaurants that you’ll often see him mingling with his customers when the meal rush is not that high. Other than that, he is always behind his kitchen coming up with new recipes to try.